Prefabricated wall panels provide unmatched versatility and energy efficiency, while saving both time and money. By utilizing these panels, almost any finish can be used, whether it’s brick, stone, or one of the latest energy-saving systems. The end result is both affordable and attractive, and the process is time-efficient and rich in quality.

This is the type of valuable project piece that appeals to owners, architects, designers, and contractors alike, and Grayhawk, LLC has been an early adopter and an industry leader for many years now.

Grayhawk, LLC is a Sto Panel affiliate, which links us with a highly esteemed program designed to benefit the construction industry through partnerships forged between leading contractors & fabricators and Sto Corp. – the world’s number one manufacturer of exterior wall systems. With good reason, Sto Panel affiliate companies are presently thriving in every major construction market.

Benefits of Panelization:

  • Highly Engineered Panels and Connections
    Our prefabricated exterior wall panels are made to exacting standards in a manufacturing environment. By taking this approach, many common pitfalls of traditional construction methods can be avoided.
  • In-Shop Quality Control & Controlled Fabrication Environment
    By manufacturing your wall panels offsite, you gain the advantage of a controlled environment where troublesome issues can be minimized or avoided completely. Our experts have the skills that allow us to produce high-quality wall systems for our customers.
  • Improved Productivity
    By choosing prefabrication, you avoid lost productivity that is common in traditional construction methods. Our designers will help all aspects of the project to fully coordinate your building envelope needs that will save time, reduce costs, and improve quality.
  • Allows for Better Scheduling
    When choosing prefabrication, your exterior wall system can be constructed early and arrive just in time for installation. This can lead to a reduction in overall project duration, as other activities can proceed without delay.
  • Reduces Onsite Clutter and Interference
    With prefabrication our crews are working off-site, which means less for your team to manage. With less manpower on-site, your team can focus a leaner, cleaner, and safer job site.
  • Reduces Safety Risks When Compared to Stick-Built Construction
    The #1 goal on any work site is safety. Taking the prefabricated exterior wall panel approach represents the safest plan for producing exterior walls.

Panelization is another one of our services where it’s important to contact us during the design phase. In order to realize the best financial scenario with panelization, the project design and the panel design need to take place simultaneously so that compatibility issues do not arise. Otherwise, projects either end up costing more than they should or panelization is dropped from consideration by the project’s decision maker.

With regard to panel design, MIG welded cold-formed steel framing is used as the structural base. Panel options include being fabricated with frame only, frame with sheathing, or a finished panel including the frame, sheathing, and a variety of exterior finishes (i.e. EIFS, tile, terra cota tile and stone).