Interior metal framing and gypsum drywall installation represent a core service offering for Grayhawk, one in which we have gained extensive experience over the years. The focus we have placed on providing this service has allowed us to develop an unparalleled expertise in our business.

Grayhawk, LLC is committed to helping overcome the most common problems on the job site.

Poor safety habits can put any project at risk. Grayhawk’s experience and commitment to safety translates into a safer work environment for all parties involved. Our strong organizational skills and commitment to excellence help prevent lack of engagement and lack of accountability, two other common worksite problems.

Grayhawk, LLC also helps you prevent your project getting off to a slow start. We understand that time is money, and a slow start to the job is an unnecessary loss of income. You also can’t afford to have your project in the hands of absentee managers. Quite the contrary, you need hands-on professionals who are accountable and hold their employees accountable to the same standards.

What about planning and communication skills? A lack of planning and poor communication skills have doomed many projects over the years. Good planning helps the project get started correctly and continue well throughout the timeline. Communication is always key, though, because no matter how good initial planning is, there are always problems to fix and decisions to be made as a building takes shape. Grayhawk, LLC emphasizes pre-project planning and constant communication in order to minimize mistakes, waste, and delays.

When you choose Grayhawk, LLC, you can count on a very specific set of skills and services for your project.

  • Safety
    Safety is of primary importance. Our outstanding safety record is indicative of the focus we place on safety at every job site.
  • Quality
    Our standards are high because we have tremendous pride in the work we deliver to our customers. We’ve built our reputation by making quality a hallmark of our services.
  • Experience
    There’s no replacement for experience when it comes to planning and troubleshooting. Our experience allows us to help our customers avoid problems before they occur and solve them quickly in cases when have already occurred.
  • Problem Solving
    Every project will have its share of problems, so it’s important to have people involved who can solve problems quickly and efficiently. Our extensive industry knowledge and experience provides a valuable resource when it comes time to solve project problems.
  • Estimating
    Having a knowledgeable partner on the job with you can save you time and money. Our ability to provide reliable estimations helps the entire job process go smoother and helps prevent unnecessary spending.
  • Total Package
    Grayhawk, LLC is the smart choice because we can deliver the total package. From planning to completion, we have the people, the skills, and the materials to make your next building project a success.

What does Grayhawk offer?

  • Skilled Tradesmen
    Our employees are great at what they do and take pride in their work because they are true tradesmen.

  • Estimating Experience
    Our experience with estimating translates into less wasted time and money, an important consideration for drywall and framing projects both big and small.

  • Project Management Experience
    The larger the project, the more room there is for error. As the customer, you want to partner with a company that has the experience necessary to keep the project on track, on schedule, and under budget.

  • Schedule Adherence
    Everyone has deadlines. When Grayhawk agrees upon a timeline, you can rest assured that we will hold up our end of the agreement.  And when unforeseen complications do arise, we have years of experience that help inform decisions that will get the project going in the right direction again.

  • Financial Strength
    Part of being a dependable contractor is the financial stability it takes to ensure the team will be on site each day with a professional level of tools and support available to them.

  • A Complete Package of Insurance Coverage
    Customers gain additional peace of mind by knowing Grayhawk is fully insured. This is essential for large-scale operations and the right thing to do for every scale of job.

  • Bonding Capacity
    Our bonding capacity is an additional layer of security for our customers. When we bid a job, you know it will be completed well and efficiently.

  • Award Winning Safety Performance
    Without a commitment to safety, you cannot have a professional construction team. Our track record has garnered awards because we value our team members and the work sites our customers provide to us.

  • High Quality Work
    By constantly evaluating and learning, we always look for innovative ways to achieve quality and performance.