Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) is a non-load-bearing exterior wall cladding system that consists of the following:

  • Insulation board, made of polystyrene or polyisocyanurate foam, which is secured to the exterior substrate with a specially formulated adhesive and/or mechanical attachment

  • A durable, water-resistant base coat, which is applied on top of the insulation and reinforced with fiber glass mesh for added strength and impact resistance

  • An attractive and durable finish coat – typically using acrylic co-polymer technology – which is both colorfast and crack-resistant

Available as either a barrier system or a drainage system, EIFS application is flexible for designers, including a multitude of options with regard to texture and color, providing many advantages over alternative finishing surfaces, such as stucco.

Grayhawk, LLC has been installing EIFS, both field-applied and on prefabricated exterior wall panels, since 1978 when it first introduced EIFS to the central Kentucky area. To date, Grayhawk, LLC has installed millions of square feet of EIFS on thousands of projects ranging from a few square feet to 500,000 square feet. Whether you’re planning new construction or a renovation, at a commercial building site or a residence, Grayhawk, LLC has solutions to meet your goals.

The company has earned a local and national reputation for its expertise in designing and installing EIFS. Both Grayhawk, LLC offices are EIFSmart Contractors, demonstrating the company’s continued commitment to quality installations. The EIFSmart Contractor distinction is fast becoming an effective tool for architects, spec writers, general contractors and other trade factors to identify EIFS contractors committed to excellence in their work.

This was accomplished with standardized instruction and AWCI certification of at least 40 percent of our EIFS installers. In fact, Grayhawk, LLC president Mark Nabity has been chairman of the AWCI EIFS Curriculum and Examination Committee since its inception in 1998. This committee developed the content of the AWCI EIFS – Doing It Right education course and the certification examination for EIFS Mechanics (CEM), EIFS Professionals (CEP) and EIFS Inspectors (CEI).

Grayhawk, LLC understands that installing EIFS with care and expertise is critical to the long term life and performance of these cladding systems. EIFS should always be installed by trained professionals. Failure to do so could limit the craftsmanship and durability that would normally help protect your building investment over time.

In addition to their standard line of finishes, EIFS manufacturers have developed an incredible array of custom finishes that can provide the look of other high-cost claddings at a fraction of the price. Examples include the following:

  • Cut stone and granite

  • Brick veneer

  • Limestone

  • Metal panels

BY consulting with Grayhawk, LLC, you can find out how custom finishes can help to achieve your desired look with a continuous and highly insulated exterior cladding system. Eliminate the cost and coordination of many accessory items such as flashings, ties, shelf angles, sealant joints while also reducing the load on a building’s structural system.

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