Grayhawk, LLC offers a variety of services to help you realize your next building project, including all levels of skilled carpentry. Whether it’s for commercial or residential purposes, our carpentry services allow you to complete your construction, maintenance, and remodeling plans on time and with professional-grade finishes.

Many GCs and CMs simply do not have a carpenter workforce on staff, but they still need miscellaneous carpentry work performed. Our services provide the extra benefit of a single-source solution that streamlines communication and management, and our offerings include wood blocking, plywood sheathing, FRP, doors & hardware, temporary partitions, Division 10 items such as toilet compartments & accessories, lockers, and locker benches.

We deliver many types of customized solutions for every type of construction project. Our years of experience and expertise translate into superior craftsmanship. Contact us early in your project development so that we can help you with your planning, thus enhancing your vision and helping you to avoid common pitfalls.