Grayhawk, LLC has solutions for all types of buildings. If you are constructing for commercial, health, hospital, educational, institutional, or industrial applications, we can install a variety of ceiling systems such as T-Bar, Open Cell, Clean Room, Torsion Spring, Decorative Metal and real wood. Acoustical Wall Panels would include fabric-wrapped, Tectum, baffles, and custom wood. With the industry changing almost daily, we maintain tabs on the latest products in the field so that we can deliver the best solution to your project.

Building owners and occupants have many different reasons for seeking acoustical treatment. Some are attempting to curtail sound from bleeding through walls from one office space to another office space. Other spaces may be created specifically for sound experiences, such as theaters or recording studios. Whatever the motivation may be, Grayhawk, LLC has the experience to solve any acoustical or specialty ceiling issue you may encounter.

Large and complicated acoustical jobs require expertise, and Grayhawk, LLC has been established as a trustworthy industry leader for years now. Controlling noise levels and cultivating the overall sound experience within a space provides obvious benefits to those who will occupy them.

No matter what type or brand of acoustical ceiling you need, we have you covered. We have extensive experience with various specialty products such as acoustical wall panels, baffles, canopies, clouds, curved metal ceilings, wood-veneer ceilings, clean room ceilings, security ceilings and metal linear ceilings, as well.

Grayhawk, LLC is dedicated to providing its clients with acoustical ceiling construction services that incorporate the highest degree of reliability and experience.